Ceramic Encased Resistor

  • Ceramic Encased Resistors
  • Ceramic Encased Resistors
  • Ceramic Encased Resistors
  • Ceramic Encased Resistors
Ceramic Encased ResistorsCeramic Encased ResistorsCeramic Encased ResistorsCeramic Encased Resistors

Ceramic Encased Resistors

  • 1. Cearmic Encased Resistors
  • 2. Cement Resistors
  • 3. Vertical Mount Resistors
  • 4. Axial Resistors
  • Product description: Ceramic Encased Power Resistors, also named cement resistors, Include Axial SQP cement resistors, Vertical Type SQM/SQZ/SQH cement resistor, BKG/SQK discharge resistors. Rated power from 2W-60W, resis

Ceramic Encased Resistors(Cement Resistors):

JDC Resistor offers commercial grade ceramic case power wirewound and film resistors. For medium to high rated power (2W-60W), we provide full electrical insulation mounted in a ceramic case.The ceramic construction is fireproof and resistant to moisture & solvents. The internal element is wirewound on lower values, power film on higher values.

Ceramic wirewound resistors feature ideal specifications for high volume and high-temperature applications. Frequently used in power supplies, motor controllers, and automotive applications, these products can be custom tailored to individual needs. With the extended resistance range and high-temperature rating, the resistors can be specified for operation in harsh environments.


1. Rated power: 2W-60W

2. Axial model: SQP, Vertical Models: SQM/SQZ/SQK

3. Resistance range: 0R002-150KR

4. Tolerance: 2%,5%

5. TCR: ≤300ppm/℃

6. RoHS compliant with 100% lead free


1. Motor controllers, Automotive applications.

2. Power electronics circuits, Power supplies, Voltage dividers.

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